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Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

So I know this is an outstanding blog and I apologize for that, I’ve been pretty busy these past few days with homework and things (which I’m supposed to be doing right now lol) but here it is! My Alice in Wonderland review!

So, I went to go see Alice in Wonderland with my brother on Saturday night. I’m not surprised that it got a good turn out since it has had a lot of hype around it in the media and things. My first impression when it started was that it was going to be an unimaginative and cheesy film. Well… I was wrong. However, the beginning drew on for, I would say, roughly 30 minutes before the main storyline unfolded. But when it did, I was captivated. It is an overall great film and is ideal to keep the children entertained over the Easter break!

My opinion on the acting of the cast may be similar to the opinions of many people who have seen this film. I thought the acting of the main actress, Mia Wasikowska , was bland and her voice kept the same tone. I think Tim Burton could have picked a far superior actress to play the lead.
Other than the her insipid acting skills, the overall cast excelled themselves and that is what made it a great film to watch. My favorite characters were, ofcourse, the Queen of Hearts and the March Hare, which added the majority of the comedy into this classic tale.
Not forgetting the talented Johnny Depp, who portrayed an amazing and most notable character, and my God he played it well. The way he changed accents in his role from Scottish to American and back again just shows you how talented this man is, all you have to do is look at the character of Jack Sparrow 🙂

What also captivated me was the originality Tim Burton used. He took a classic novel and made it into his own masterpiece, which, to me, is typical of someone so epic as Tim Burton. I believe that this film will follow in the footsteps of other great films he has produced such as Nightmare Before Christmas.

To finish off this long review, I would sum up as describing the film as a stunning success that will be enjoyed by all ages over many years to come

Overall Rating: 8/10


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