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Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

So I know this is an outstanding blog and I apologize for that, I’ve been pretty busy these past few days with homework and things (which I’m supposed to be doing right now lol) but here it is! My Alice in Wonderland review! Read more…


Hello world, I’m Your Wild Girl!

So… yup this is my new blog, basically consisting of everything and anything that may be affecting my life at the moment. Knowing me i’m going to completely suck at updating my blog because i either forget my password or just can’t be bothered with it any more. So to start off i’m going to be raving about the film that i will probably only get to see online; The Runaways! Yes that’s right The Runaways 🙂

WHAT!? you say you’ve never heard of The Runaways!? Well i have to admit, i hadn’t either til about November last year. I have to be honest also, i only ever got interested in the band since i heard Kristen Stewart was going to play Joan Jett. I downloaded their music and that was it… no turning back for me 😛 If anyone ever gets to see the film (which had it’s premier last night and is released March 19th) then i hope y’all enjoy it! It looks frickin’ awesome!!! 😀

Well enough of the waffling on, I’m going to go update my twitter for the 50,000,000th time today 😉

Peace & Love, Ashleigh x

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